Llama Pack Project

projectLlama Pack Project is focused on rescuing the ancestral traditions of Andean communities related to the use and breeding of the llama as a carrier animal.

The importance of this project relies on the fact that the llama is the only carrier animal truly adapted to the extreme conditions of our local geography, for this, the breeding of the llama can result in better benefits for the loical communities and less damage impact on local grounds.

Due to time, discontinuity and lack of knowledge these traditions have been lost and replaced by the use of carrier animals such as donkeys, bulls and horses which have a strong impact on landscape contamination and degradation.

We work on creating ecological awareness amongst commoners related to the use of the llama as a more eco-friendly animal for the conservation of their mountain ecosystems. We also work on highlighting the bennefits and potential uses of the llama and are working in the genetic recovery of the authentic Peruvian llama, a strong and majestic animal who´s characteristics provide a better performance of the specimen.

Our goal is to re-insert in the Andean communities the llama breeding traditions fully practiced during the Inca empire and provide a better resource for the local families as well as a tool for pride and further development.

Meet the Llama Pack Team

Meet our Llamas

5 thoughts on “Llama Pack Project

  1. Absolutely incredible experience, the facilities were top notch, clean safe and comfortable; the scenery was spectacular, the crew was friendly and knowledgable. The only problem: our three days werent nearly enough.

  2. We will be in Urubamba staying at the Sacred Dreams Lodge September 8, 9 and 10.
    Can you provide information and pricing for 1/2 day hike?
    Thank you,
    Paul & Lauren Trapp

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